Below are the instructions to connect your QuickBooks Desktop account with Breadwinner, using the Breadwinner Agent (aka the Sync Manager).

If you are using QuickBooks Online or Xero, check out the installation guide here: Breadwinner Quick Installation Guide.

Before you get started, make sure you have a few things in place:

  • You have access to the machine where QuickBooks is installed - this is where the Breadwinner Agent will go.  This is ideally a server, not a regular user's machine.
  • You should be logged into QuickBooks in Single User Mode on the company file you wish to connect - this is only needed one time during the initial connection - you can go back to Multi User Mode to run syncs going forward.
  • Create a dedicated, admin level user in your QuickBooks Desktop for Breadwinner to use in order to facilitate syncingLog into QuickBooks as an Admin user -  you can switch back to another user when this is complete if you wish, although for ongoing syncing, it's best to log QuickBooks in as a dedicated Breadwinner user.
  • Note: Switching to Single User Mode will log out your other users, so be sure to do this at a time when your QuickBooks won't be needed for 15-30 minutes.

Start by Navigating to the Breadwinner Tab:


1. Click on the QuickBooks Connect button.


2. Choose QuickBooks Desktop.


3. Download the Breadwinner Agent and follow the installation process. This should be installed on a machine that has QuickBooks on it. In order to run syncs on an ongoing basis, it must be running in Windows while Windows is logged in, and it should say 'Status: Connected' beneath the token.




4. Click Generate to create the Agent token.  You should only have one Agent per token.


5. Copy and paste the Token into the Agent and click Save.  Once the Agent's Status reads "Connected", it is online (but not yet connected to QuickBooks - that happens in a later step).


6. Validate that the Agent is online by clicking Validate Configuration


7. Open the QuickBooks company you want to connect, and then in Breadwinner click the Authorize button.  QuickBooks must be open to the desired company file in order to authorize the Agent.


8. In QuickBooks, you will see the following screen.  

  1. Select "Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running" (the 4th option)

  2. Click  "Continue" 


9. Then click "Yes" to confirm on the next pop up: 


You are now successfully connected to QuickBooks using Breadwinner! Remember to keep the Agent running at all times in order for syncs to run.  Please contact us if you are having any difficulties.  Please complete the remaining steps in the Breadwinner tab to finish the setup.