Below are the instructions to connect your QB Desktop account with Breadwinner.

If you are using QuickBooks Online or Xero, check out the installation guide here Breadwinner Quick Installation Guide.


Start by Navigating to the Breadwinner Tab.

  1. Click on the QB Connect button: 

  1. Choose QuickBooks Desktop.

  1. Next is the 4-step authentication process, which authorizes Breadwinner to access your QuickBooks data.

  1. Before you go any further, Download the Desktop Agent (aka Breadwinner Sync Manager) and follow the installation process. This should be installed on any machine that has either local or network access to the Company file you want to connect to. We recommend you to install this Agent on the server/desktop where the QuickBooks file is located for uninterrupted services.

  1. Click to create the Agent Token.

  1. Copy the Token to your clipboard. This token is used to identify which QuickBooks Company is going to be associated with the Breadwinner installed in your Salesforce. This token cannot be used with more than one Agent.

  1. Paste the Agent Token:

  1. You can validate the connection in Salesforce by clicking on  in the second step of the Breadwinner 3-step authentication process.

  1. Open your QuickBooks Company file where the Agent is installed, and click on the button in Salesforce. The Company file must be open in order to authorize the Agent.

  1. In QuickBooks, you will see the following screen. 

Select "Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running" (the 4th option) and click  "Continue" 

  1. Then click "Yes" to confirm on the next pop up: 


  1. You should then have successfully connected Salesforce to QuickBooks using Breadwinner! Please contact us if you are having any difficulties.

  1. Please follow the remaining steps in the setup section of the Breadwinner tab, to finish the setup