If you've already done the one-time connection process for QuickBooks Desktop and Breadwinner, then it's useful to know how to make sure all your data syncs successfully going forward.

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Regular Syncing

Here is what needs to be in place in order for Breadwinner to successfully sync data with QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Your QuickBooks server/computer is on, logged into Windows, and connected to the internet
  2. The Breadwinner Sync Manager (aka Agent) is running, with the correct token entered, and the Status says Connected
    • Note: "Connected" on the Sync Manager means that it has connected to Breadwinner servers successfully, not connected to your QuickBooks.
  3. The Breadwinner Sync Manager is connected to the intended QuickBooks company file
  4. If you selected "Yes; always..." when initially authorizing the Breadwinner Sync Manager with QuickBooks, then QuickBooks doesn't need to be running at sync time.  However, for best sync performance it's best to leave that QuickBooks instance running without any users using it.


If you've received an error message from Breadwinner that suggests it might not be connected to QuickBooks, try the following things to restore the connection.

  1. Follow the Syncing Data section above to make sure everything is in place.
  2. In QuickBooks, navigate to Edit > Preferences > Integrated Applications > Company Preferences tab to see if Breadwinner Sync Manager appears in the list.  If it doesn't, this means that QuickBooks didn't authorize Breadwinner. Follow our connection guide to reconnect the Breadwinner Sync Manager to QuickBooks.
  3. In the Breadwinner Sync Manager, click on the small 'Advanced' link at the bottom.  If you see a file path to your QuickBooks company file, then the Sync Manager thinks it's connected.  Otherwise, reconnect to QuickBooks.

We hope this guide helps you stay connected.  If you need any more assistance, please reach out to us any time!