In Salesforce, everything is run by one of your Salesforce users, even if it's Breadwinner's hourly sync. Usually, this is the person who installed Breadwinner but can change to other Admins as part of normal, background operations.

If the Admin user 'running' our scheduled jobs is Inactive (as often happens when someone leaves a company) then our scheduled jobs will stop working.

Alternatively, you may want to control or change the user our jobs run under.

Changing the Active User

Some customers wish to change the user running the jobs from one active user to another. That's fine, and we have built a function that will help this.

However, we must emphasize that this feature is unsupported for one important reason - we cannot guarantee that it will stay with this user. During normal background operations, it is possible these users will spontaneously change to another user. We wish this was not the case, but it is and we cannot control that.

To reset the scheduled job to be a different user, please restart your jobs from the troubleshooting section. The screenshot below shows where.