Breadwinner associates a QuickBooks Online Company with a Salesforce Account first, and then any Invoices under that QuickBooks Online Company are saved as also being under that Salesforce Account.

Moving Invoices to another Salesforce Account won't be enough, as Breadwinner will auto-move them back. What you need to do is to move (reparent) the QuickBooks Online Company, or merge the two SF Accounts if they are duplicates.

This video explains how, and additional text is below.


Situation 1: Duplicate Salesforce Account

This situation is easy, you have two Salesforce Accounts and only want one. You can use Salesforce standard Account Merge functionality.


Situation 2: QuickBooks Online Company / Invoices associated with wrong Salesforce Account

You can now 'reparent' a QuickBooks Online Company and all of its Invoices, Credit Memos, and (if enabled in Breadwinner) Bills and Purchase Orders to a new Salesforce Account in just a couple clicks.

Either by searching or by Navigating to the QuickBooks Online Companies tab, find the QuickBooks Online Company that is under the wrong Salesforce Account. Look for the button "Reparent this QuickBooks Online Company to a different Salesforce Account".

This will show the QuickBooks Online Company and the (wrong) Salesforce Account it is currently associated with. And, you can look for the correct Salesforce Account it should be associated with using the Lookup field.

Once you select a new Salesforce Account, you'll see the old and new Salesforce Account, with the QuickBooks Online Company pointing at the new one.

Click Save

And that's it! The QuickBooks Online Company and Invoices should be under the new SF Account.

After reparenting the QuickBooks Online Company to a new SF Account, Breadwinner will also do update the Rollups on the new SF Account by considering all the associated Invoices.