Sometimes, you'll have a single customer with one billing address, but multiple shipping addresses. And, you'd like to populate the Shipping address on the Invoice (or Sales Receipt) automatically, but also differently for each Invoice.

You can do that in Breadwinner. You'll need Breadwinner Professional Edition or higher.

You'll also need to create fields on the Opportunity that hold this information. These can be formula fields that reference other objects, or they can be text fields. However you do it, four or (if you need to set the Country field) five custom fields on the Opportunity will need to hold the Shipping Address information.

Once you have those fields, set them in the Breadwinner Invoice Configuration Section. This screenshot shows how to do this.

Once that's set, anytime you create a new Invoice, Breadwinner will populate the Shipping Address of the Invoice with whatever you have in those fields.

Remember that you can easily test this without altering data in QuickBooks Online. As long as you don't create a new QuickBooks Online Company or new Products, then you can get to the final Invoice Creation page in Breadwinner without altering data. Just don't click on the final button, "Create Invoice".