Breadwinner can selectively sync Invoices, based on QuickBooks Online Company

It is possible to have all of the invoices from a specific QuickBooks Online Company replicate to Salesforce, or none replicate to Salesforce.

(It is not possible to do this on a per Invoice basis or a partial basis. This can only be done on a per QuickBooks Online Company basis)

During the initial sync between QuickBooks Online and Breadwinner, you have the option to not sync invoices for specific QuickBooks Online Companies.

If you select "Do Not Sync" during the initial Account Sync, then the QuickBooks Online Company will be replicated into Salesforce, but no Invoices or Payments will be replicated for that QuickBooks Online Company.

You also have the option to stop syncing Invoices on a QuickBooks Online Company after the initial sync as well. 

To do this, go to the  QuickBooks Online Company in question, and look for a button on the record that says "Control this QuickBooks Online Company's Sync Status"

Clicking this will open up a new window, that will allow you to set this company to not Sync Invoices.

Set this to "No", and click Save

This will delete related Invoice and Payment records and will stop all future record syncing for this QuickBooks Online Company.